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GDB Forum - Website member access?

Charel M.
Founder High council

#Get Website community access to our Forum

Let's suppose you already read the following sections:

GDB Join us - How to become a member?

GDB Welcome - What is and how does it work?

then you are ready for this one, our Website Forum can be accessed and used (contributed) by any of our members, though you have to be at least one week old member and have gotten in touch with at least one of our moderators or admins, when all of this is true for you, please use the #discord text chat "#register-website" to post your request for website access by indicating the following:


Firstname LASTNAME


After that you are sent an email with an invite for register or a simple approval link depends on what the admin decision, one of both is possible, but no worries the email always includes further simple instructions on what to do next, et voila you can now use all our services we provide. (Request treatment time 24h-48h depending on the workload) 

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