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GDB Join us - How to become a member?

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#Discord our main communication hub

As of 2020 we use discord as our main communication hub for voice and text chat, that being said if you already have discord fine you already paid half the rent, however if you do not know or are not yet part of the discord community, here is some more information.

But to keep it short, it is an APP, it is for FREE, and it can be installed on almost every platform pc or mobile for free.

What does discord offer? Quick it offers free stable voice chat and text chat combined in one single app, voice and text chats are organized in channels for different topics and usage, the discord community is all about gaming so there are also a bunch of other features that come in handy as a gamer and also for random users. Advanced features are live screen streaming only to give an example, stream your desktop or go live with your game session it is up to you.

However if you do not want to use discord, no problem simply file a request on #teamspeak or #facebook (Use our message option on FB to do so), but keep in mind, as we use #discord on a daily basis for communication and news you probably miss a thing or two afterwards.


#My Discord is online and i am joining gdb on discord, what now?

Well done, you re ambitious... now when you enter our discord server instance you first enter our welcome text chat, please say a word or two about yourself and why or how you found us, we appreciate every bit of information.


#Is that it, am i now a member of

Yes you are, as already mentioned in our Intro  GDB Welcome - What is and how does it work? we do not have severe criteria or recuiting habits as other clans or clubs, however keep in mind that we strongely consider respect one to another a must in our community and we advise every member long term or new politely to follow this simple rule and i think this will be a gorgeous start into a cool interesting meet up. One more thing, check out our community services that can be used as a member here


#Now simply join us 🙂

Now applying for membership is simple, simply click here to get in touch on #discord


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