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GDB Welcome - What is and how does it work?

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Welcome dear new member ...

...we are pleased to have you here (-Not a member yet, please read here how to join us...-) our community is based on a long term friendship sharing console and computer game interests after all, we are open for every brother in mind who thinks the same. Our rules are few and simple, we treat each other with respect and that's it, no other contribution rules or whatever. GDB provides a bunch of services in game and outside.


Our gameservers

As you might already know we have a few gameservers we like to share to our community, there are a few public servers and also a few that might as well be private, to join them simply make a request on #discord, #teamspeak, or #facebook and you will get access, provided that you are a member, and if not don't worry we'll introduce you on how to, gdb community members are always getting access to any of our servers for free. NB: If a server states "join on demand" or something similar, these servers are only online on member request or during clan events, but feel free to ask if you want to use them.


Our discord server

The provided #discord server is our main communication hub for voice and quick text chat. New members should register to join on discord, however if you don't have discord and don't want to use or install it, feel free to file your request on #facebook.


Our teamspeak server

Teamspeak was our way to go for in game communication for a long time, our ts3 server is self-hosted and fully belongs to our community so privacy is guaranteed. Until the beginning of 2020 it was our main communication hub for voice chat before switching to discord, which provides a bunch of new features that teamspeak can't keep up with, at least for now, though we further use teamspeak for grouped gaming sessions mainly during clan events but you are free to use it as well at any time. NB: If on server join you are asked for a password, well here it is: gdb2000


Our community website

Last but not least our community website is also providing some more or less interesting stuff, we have a FORUM mainly used for game talk, ranging from simple game presentation, keeping our community informed to in deep game exchange for bigger or more complexe games including howtos, guides aso. Every community member which has passed #discord invite and is at least a week old member is granted a website community access to use the forum and other website services.

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